Light Of Truth Television Program

We are excited beyond words at what God is doing with this ministry, “The Light of Truth.” God has spoken for years that we were going to touch the world and we have been as busy at that as possible, but this has opened up all kinds of new doors as we are going forth as beacons of light into the world. And Now along with Our Tulsa Show on Sunday Mornings at 9:30 am, Tuesday Afternoon at 1:00 pm and Monday Evening at 7:00 pm!

We believe the Light of Truth is just that, the truth of God’s Word and the amazing light we are walking in as we understand what God is saying. God is all about healing and restoring a fallen world, and we are focused on reaching out to people, hurting people. The reality is that just because you are a Christian doesn’t mean your heart isn’t hurt, and we want to bring healing and restoration to the church and to those outside the safety of Jesus Christ.

Jesus came to save the world, He came to help the world and it is our desire to be used by Him to help people. A few years ago a TV program at LFWC seemed unlikely and then God stepped in and started making something out of nothing. This ministry is not something we pursued it pursued us and that is why we are confident God is behind it all.

Every time God has done something like this around here He always sends the people in. We are so thankful for the gifts He has placed in the house. We are putting something out that God can be proud of, and that will touch the hearts of men and women empowering them to walk in the light of God’s glory. The theme of LFWC is “Leading People from Darkness into the Light of Christ’s Love,” and above everything, that is our hope as we are reaching out via TV.

Thank you for joining, we love hearing about how God is transforming your life.

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