Lighthouse Bible College


Training up leaders to be the light of the world and to preach the Gospel to shake the nations! “Go ye into all the world to preach the Gospel to every creature.” Mark 16:15



  • It is a fulfillment of prophecy that whatever the people in the congregation of the Lighthouse Family Worship Center (LFWC) need they will be able to receive it in “this house.” Part of the vision at LFWC is to propel leaders as beams of light to the four corners of the earth. LBC is not limited to members of LFWC. Anyone with a God-given anointing is welcome to attend.
  • Ephesians 4:11-12 claims that the five-fold ministry helps equip the body of Christ. The 5-fold ministry will come forth out from LBC to shake the nations of the world and to do the work of the ministry to edify the body of Christ.
  • LBC is not only authorized to train the 5-fold ministry but also to train the Church to fulfill her God-given destiny, and furthermore we will prepare the saints to go forward in greater anointing and a higher dimension in their walk in Christ. Due to this call, the gifts of the Spirit will be activated at LBC, our desire is to equip the people of God that His plan be fulfilled in their lives.


  • 2 Timothy 3:16-17 declares, “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.”
  • The foundation of LBC stands in a firm alliance with the doctrine of LFWC. We strongly believe that all scripture is God-inspired, which means “God-breathed.” God preserved His Word down through the darkest moments of history so that It would have the power to change the hearts and lives of people in this day and age. His Word is the infallible, never-changing, and the inerrant Holy Word of God!
  • In Matthew 7:24-26 Jesus shares the illustration about the wise man who built his house on the rock and about the foolish man who built his house on the sand. In both scenarios the rains descended, the floods came, the winds blew and beat on the house. The foolish man’s house fell and the fall was great when it occurred. However, the wise man built his house on the rock, and it did not fall.
  • It is in the DNA of LBC to give leaders a solid foundation as that of the wise man so that when the rains, floods and winds of this life occurs, these leaders will be equipped to stand strong upon the Rock, Christ Jesus Himself.


We will be meeting every other Thursday on a rotating schedule. Classes for the 2023 school year for a Bachelors degree we’ll start on Thursday 8-17-2023 from 6 to 9 PM.

Term 1
Bachelors Classes:
Gift of the Apostle
Warfare Strategy: Taking the City
Heart of an intercessor
Term 2
Bachelors Classes:
Prophets and Prophetic Ministry
Spirit Life Counseling – Inner Healing
Ecclesiology: Church History
Term 3
Bachelors Classes:
Silencing the Enemy – Praise and Worship
Missions Methods
Evangelism Now
Term 4
Bachelors Classes:
The Power of Intercession
Church Growth – Equipping and Releasing


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