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Pastor Barry

Know Who Jesus Is And Cling To Him Passionately February 24 2021

Jesus Is Everything You Need! February 21 2021

What Does It Mean To Be Full Of The Holy Ghost February 7 2021

You Absolutely Can Do It! February 3 2021

Pray Until We Pray January 31 2021

We Are One With God In Christ January 27 2021

The Benefit Of The Doubt Pt. 2 (What If You’re Wrong) January 24 2021

The Benefit Of The Doubt January 20 2021

New Wine Skins Pt. 2 (The Ability To Receive) January 17 2021

He Knows Us And Yet He Still Loves Us January 10 2021

Repentance Is A Precious Gift From God January 3 2021

What Have We Lost Through A Lack Of Trust In People December 27 2020

We Are Blessed With Faithful Abraham December 23 2020

I’ve Seen God Move, But Sometimes He Doesn’t December 16 2020

What Really Matters December 13 2020

Those Who Trust In The Lord Are Like Mount Zion December 9 2020

Church And The Founders December 6 2020

Return To God November 29 2020

Don’t Allow The World To Walk On Your Heart Pt. 2 (Total Forgiveness) November 25 2020

Don’t Allow The World To Walk On Your Heart November 18 2020

The Lonely And The Few November 11 2020

The Lonely Places In Christ Are The Perfect Places November 8 2020

What’s Our Part November 4 2020

Jesus Has Not Changed October 18 2020

The Rain Is Coming! October 14 2020

The House That Stands October 11 2020

Don’t Make A Struggle A Stronghold October 7 2020

The Implanted Word Of God October 4 2020

The Samaritan Woman Meets Her Messiah September 16 2020

Blessed With Faithful Abraham September 13 2020

Shalom Conclusion September 9 2020

Shalom September 6 2020

The Shalom Of God September 2 2020

Signs Wonders and Miracles August 30 2020

Plead The Blood August 26 2020

Lord I Thought I Was Over This August 23 2020

Giving Thanks For All Men August 19 2020

Delayed Is Not Denied August 12 2020

Walking By Faith August 9 2020

Reaping The Harvest July 26 2020

Your Faith Should Be Unblemished July 19 2020

An Excellent Spirit July 15 2020

What Is God Really Saying July 12 2020

The Reward Of Fasting God’s Way July 8 2020

The Founding July 5 2020

Fast II July 1 2020

Fast June 28 2020

Extol Him Who Rides On The Clouds June 21 2020

Where Do We Go From Here June 17 2020

Come To The Water June 14 2020

Miracles Volume-2 May 31 2020

Miracles May 27 2020

This Thing Ain’t Broke May 24 2020

God Multiplies May 20 2020

UnStoned May 17 2020

The Last Is Better Than The First May 13 2020

Perspective May 10 2020

Dominion May 6 2020

It’s Time To Destroy Your Enemy! May 3 2020

Everlasting Arms April 29 2020

Intimacy With Jesus April 25 2020

God Is Faithful April 22 2020

Bless and Do Not Curse April 18 2020

Jesus Rescues Us From The Coming Wrath April 15 2020

Jesus Is Bigger Than What You’re Facing April 11 2020

The New Normal April 8 2020

Whatever Evil Does God Does The Opposite April 4 2020

Quit Flirting With The Line March 15 2020

If You Only Knew March 1 2020

He Has Given Us All Things February 16 2020

Building Gods House February 9 2020

Are We Willing To Obey God! February 2 2020

God Says You Say January 26 2020

Right Thinking January 19 2020

The Light Of Heaven January 5 2020

All Of Us Are An Echo December 29 2019

Press Through Trials December 22 2019

We Are Not Under The Law December 15 2019

The Power of Agreement Pt. 2 (The Single Focus) December 1 2019

The Power of Agreement November 24 2019

This Hope We Have Is An Anchor For Our Soul November 17 2019

We Receive His Promises By Patient Endurance November 10 2019

God Is A God Of Covenant October 27 2019

How Much God Loves You! October 20 2019

Our God Is A Covenant Keeping God October 13 2019

Helps Is The Tip Of The Spear! October 6 2019

It’s Time To Know You’re Saved September 29 2019

You Have Got To Believe That God Sends Men September 15 2019

Count It All Joy! September 8 2019

Be Assured September 1 2019

Why God would You Use Us August 25 2019

The Blessing of The Promise August 11 2019

The Blessing July 28 2019

My Heart July 21 2019

Your God Is Big Enough July 14 2019

Stop Killing Your Brain! June 23 2019

The Lord Repay Your Work! June 16 2019

The Journey Begins Here! June 9 2019

The No-Fault Factor June 2 2019

Brokenness Is Blessedness! May 26 2019

Has God Cursed Your Sin! May 5 2019

The Secret Things Belong To God May 1 2019

Revival Passion April 24 2019

Don’t Allow The Enemy To Steal Your Heart! April 21 2019

Why God Created The Devil April 14 2019

You’ve Got To Have An Adversary! April 10 2019

How God Deals With Thieves! April 7 2019

The Way! April 3 2019

Learn To Let Jesus Carry Us! March 31 2019

The Why What When Where How! March 27 2019

A Name that’s Above every Name March 24 2019

Enduring Faith is the Answer March 13 2019

The Temptation of Jesus March 10 2019

God Always Has the Answer March 6 2019

Jesus Answered! February 24 2019

What Jesus Said! February 20 2019

Only have Eyes for One! February 13 2019

Just Feed on His Faithfulness! February 10 2019

Ten Reasons to Quit! February 3 2019

Stay in the Spirit! January 30 2019

The Grace of God is with You! January 27 2019

Talking about the Kingdom January 23 2019

War A Good Warfare January 16 2019

Who Is Praying For The Prayer January 13 2019

Love Always Trust, Do You! January 9 2019

Suffer Through with Reverent Submission January 6 2019

When it Comes to Love, Get and Understanding! January 2 2019

What’s Keeping You From Lifting Off! December 30 2018

You’ve Seen Me, and Believed Not! December 26 2018

You’re Going To Meet Some Resistance! December 23 2018

You’ve Got to See This! December 19 2018

2019 The Year of New Launches December 16 2018

Get out of the Parched Place November 4 2018

The Will of God October 17 2018

The Burden of the Church October 14 2018

Our God is Faithful October 7 2018

Look in the Mirror September 30 2018

The Single Focus September 26 2018

You are a Big Deal to God September 23 2018

The Focus Factor September 19 2018

Waymaker September 16 2018

God Always has a People September 12 2018

Next Step September 9 2018

The Life of Joseph August 22 2018

Boats August 15 2018

The Struggle August 5 2018

The Righteousness of God August 1 2018

Pastor Kathy

The Body Of Christ October 25 2020

The Seasons That We Go Through October 21 2020

Roots June 24 2020

The Power Of Joy June 10 2020

The Right Perspective December 8 2019

Why Not! May 12 2019

Where are you Dwelling and Why December 2 2018

Are You Willing to be Cut November 18 2018

2 Doors November 11 2018

The Color of Unity October 28 2018

I Am With You August 26 2018

Being A Pray-er June 20 2018

The 3 P’s of Passion

Are You Hungry

Let the River Flow

Tearing Down the High Places

The Truth Heals

Listen to His Voice and Obey

Right Thinking

Heart of a soldier

Are we in a War

Let It Go

Created For War

Are You Sure You Are Awake

Are You In The Army

Avoiding Deception

Walking in Authority


Guard Your Heart

What do You See

Pastor Barry

Overcomers June 24 2018

A Healing Father June 17 2018

All About the Church Pt. 3 June 13 2018

All About the Church Pt. 2 June 10 2018

R.E.A.L. 2 June 9 2018

R.E.A.L. 1 June 8 2018

All About the Church Pt. 1 June 6 2018

Testing is Good June 3 2018

Abide in God Apr 29 2018

Loving God Apr 25 2018

The Enemies Seed Apr 18 2018

Pressure Cooker Apr 15 2018

Focus, Attitude, and Conviction Feb 25 2018

Vision 2018 Feb 18 2018

Prophecy for 2018 Feb 14 2017

Experience, Knowledge, and Wisdom Feb 11 2018

The Arm of the Lord Feb 7 2018

The Intricacies of Intimacy Pt. 1

The Intricacies of Intimacy Pt. 2

IN the Name of Jesus

Are You Following Jesus Jan 14 2018

Authority over Flesh Dec 31 2017

Pastor Ryan

Comments December 2 2020

What Does God Give Us Authority Over November 22 2020

The Kingdom Is For Children November 1 2020

Being Content September 20 2020

Somebody Has To Love First June 7 2020

Lost June 3 2020

The Cross Was Built For Barabbas November 3 2019

Resting in God March 20 2019

True Strength November 25 2018

Hurts so Good Dec 27 2017

Why We Do What We Do

Love People

Pastor Barry

Study of Prayer Lesson 1

Study of Prayer Lesson 2

Study of Prayer Lesson 3

Study of Prayer Lesson 4

Study of Prayer Lesson 5

Study of Prayer Lesson 6

Study of Prayer Lesson 7

Study of Prayer Lesson 8

Study of Prayer Lesson 9

Study of Prayer Lesson 10

Study of Prayer Lesson 11

Study of Prayer Lesson 12

The Definition of Prayer


Pray the Word

Exposing Jezebel

Pray til Something Happens

Cut Away

Increased Fruitfulness

Spiritual Pruning

Fight for the Harvest

The Blessing


Seeking God First

Stand firm against the Enemy


Behold Your God

Bring it to Jesus

A Life Worthy

God is with You

Love is


One Way

Search Your Heart

Do it Again Lord

Three Things

LFWC Vision Pt. 5 “Acts 29”

LFWC Vision Pt. 4 “Finance”

LFWC Vision Pt. 3 “Prayer”

LFWC Vision Pt 2 “The 3 C’s”

Lighthouse Vision Part 1

Knowledge Wisdom and Understanding


Colossians Chap. 1

Colossians Chap. 1 Continued

Colossians Chap. 1 Part 3

Colossians Chap. 1 Part 4

Colossians Chap. 1 Part 5


Revelations 8/10

Revelations 8/17

Walking in the Power of the Holy Spirit

Take It Up a Notch

Its Winding Up

You Must be Born Again

God is Good

Tithe and Time

A Friend of God Pt. 1

A Friend of God Pt. 2

Hebrews Chapter 6

Prophetic Word: Winter is Over

Hebrews Chapter 6

Destroyer is Destroyed: Arm Yourself

Focusing on the Family

God is Good and Faithful

The Real Treasure of Christmas

The Destroyer is Destroyed pt. 1

The Destroyer is Destroyed pt. 2

Destroyer is Destroyed: A Praying Family Can’t be Beat

Don’t Give Up

When God is not Enough

A Day of Impartation

Great Incredible God

Your Spirit

30 for 300

Get Serious

Gods Plan for You is Huge

You can trust the Word


The Most Important Thing

A Message from the Heart

Living in Goshen Pt. 1

Living in Goshen Pt. 3

That One Thing

Think Right

Belief or Unbelief

Feeding Your Faith

You have the Faith

Defeating the Enemy

Its just a Storm

What Happens When We Tithe

He is Alive

The Price is Paid

Why Does He Care

It’s all in how You look at It

Good God bad devil Pt. 1

Good God bad devil Pt. 2

Good God bad devil Pt. 3

Good God bad devil Pt. 4

Good God bad devil Pt. 5

Good God bad devil Pt. 6

Good God bad devil Pt. 7

Good God bad devil Pt. 8

Be unto Me part 1

Be unto Me part 2

Pane of Idolatry

Commitment Rock

A Message from the Heart

Pray with Energy and Direction

Lets Try Another Way

Only You Can Stop the Blessing


To Judge or Not to Judge

Final Piece Part 1

The Curse is Broken

Where are You Resting

Helmet of Salvation

Dreams Dilemmas and Drawing Near

The Vision


Be Strong in the Lord

Weapons of our Warfare

To Have Authority You Must Submit

How Big is Your God

Blessing or Cursing

Lets Get to the Root of it

We are not as Logical as We Think

Free Indeed Part 1

Free Indeed Part 2

Reaping and Sowing

Carrying too Much

Father’s Day 2014

Holy Ghost

Take Hold of Whats Taken Hold of You

No Place for Offense

Why Do We Pray In Tongues- Pt 1

Why Do We Pray In Tongues- Pt. 2

Some Of This Is Between You And Him

A Solid Foundation

Why Can’t We See God- Pt 1

Why Can’t We See God- Pt. 2

Why Can’t We See God- Pt 3

Why Can’t We See God- Pt 4 & Prophetic Word

Affection in the wrong direction

Psalm 91

The Reason I Named Hannah

Where the World Walks, Mark 4 Series

Good Soil has Depth, Mark 4 Series

Among the Thorns Mark 4 Series

How Long will You Wait

Suffering Choking out the Word

Suffering, Going through the Fire

Pray Dreams

The Gospel is the Power- Part 1

The Gospel is the Power- Part 2

Don’t stop Dreaming

What does it take to Soar

What it takes to walk in Humility

How Low do You have to Go

Speak the Truth into Your Life

Talking about the Blood

Made Holy to Draw Near

We are Overcomers

Great Grace

Great Faith equals Great Grace

The Blood of Jesus gives You Power Pt. 1

The Blood of Jesus gives You Power Pt. 2

Submit to Authority Pt. 1

Submit to Authority Pt. 2


Gods good plan for US!!!

Power over the Striker

The Word is the Truth

Easter Sunday

It is time to Seek the Lord

Secret Place

We are One

Evangelist Carroll Parnell

Your Faith February 23 2020